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Home improvement tips before winter

By admin On October 2, 2010 No Comments

You can expect electricity bills and water bill costs to hit the roof during winter; so it makes for good thinking to go for home improvement tips before this season. Here are some of the ways in which you can do so:

1. Find out whether the whole house is insulated: If your walls, floors and windows are not insulated, then a lot of extra energy from the heaters can be easily depleted. Make sure that the walls and windows are well sealed to avoid the escaping of heat. You can contact professional at companies offering heating services as they can provide the best solution to insulation requirements in your home.

2. Get a new heating system if the current one is not working properly: The heating system should be regularly checked for technical irregularities. Ask the professionals checking your heater about the state of the filter. If it is not working properly it is better to go for a new heater. The old heater with an impaired filter can stress other parts and consume more electricity, resulting in higher bills.

3. Install a setback thermostat: A set-back thermostat can program the length of time for which the heating system should work and will shut down automatically if nobody is at home. You can also reverse the position of the ceiling fan, in such a way that the area below it turns warmer. All of these require the help of specialists from heating services; they will also give tips on how you should arrange furniture and decor for equitable distribution of heat.

4. Prepare the fireplace: You will need the fireplace during the winter season. Getting it ready at the right time to make it work proper for the winter can save a lot of money in electricity. Make sure you keep the dumper sealed shut if you are not using it. Do not run the heater when you are using the fireplace.

5. Clean your chimney: A clean chimney can make way for smooth smoke emission at the fire place. You can ask the contractor to clean the chimney properly.

6. Protect the pipes: You need to insulate pipes in the attic, basements and places where the temperatures are usually cooler and can drop below freezing point. Acute coolness during the nights in winter can result in the bursting of pipes. You should seal opening that permit cold air inside.

7. Paint your house: It is a good idea to paint your house just before winter. Painting companies reduce their costs during winter time; you can take advantage of this situation and hire them to paint your house. Go for eco-friendly paint options that are weather friendly as well.

8. Reduce the heat during the day: Something as simple as opening the drape during the day to heat your home will save electricity. You can close them at night to keep the warm air inside. Reduction of the use of heating system like lights, heater etc can reduce as much as ten percent of your daily home energy consumption.