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Finishing Basements Remodeling Tips To Add Value To Your Home

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Many homeowners are of the belief that they can add extra space to make their house bigger, by finishing their basement. This is valuable additional space to make your house more livable. Given below are some tips in finishing basements as a part of the home improvement process.

1. Check for dampness and correct the problem: Normally we do not care for the basement as much as we would care, for say, our living room; since we do not live in it. Check for dampness or presence of water in the corner or below the windows. Look for mold or mildew growth; they can be present anywhere in the wet surrounding of the basement. These can cause a lot of health problems, especially respiratory issues to those who have nasal allergies or lung problems. Specifically, water seeps in the basement due to some cracks in the flooring, wall, roof or windows; or due to faulty drainage system. So correct these issues by calling a mold specialist for taking care of mold growth, fixing cracks on the wall or anywhere in the basement and repairing the drainage system.

2. Call a professional to inspect the condition of the basement before going ahead with adding it to your home. Apart from checking for mold, cracks and drainage issue make sure that he or she checks for harmful gases like radon that may have collected under the basement.

3. Look for local building codes to find out certain things that you have to abide by before going for basement remodeling. For instance, there are codes for escape hatch, windows and doors for emergency exit. There may be conditions laid down about walls, stair and ceiling height.

4. Make sure that you make sufficient provisions for adequate insulation and add vapor barriers. While insulating walls on the exterior make sure you install a vapor barrier and a covering for the floor. This will prevent moisture from coming into the porous concrete.

5. If there are any appliances in the basement like for instance, a washing machine, which use water, check the hoses and pipes to see if there are any cause for leaks. Look for leaks in appliances where pipes go through the walls.

6. Decide on the kind of basement you want. You have many choices to exercise from, just make sure you do it wisely. If you want to make the basement an extension of your bedroom, you have to plan differently; and if you want to convert it into an office, you have to plan in another way. The designs depend on the specifications that you have set and what you have in your mind for the conversion of the basement. Just make sure that you have the plan drawn on the paper first; you can discuss it with your basement remodeling contractor and then put the plan into action.