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Tropical Storm Lee Wreaking Havoc on Property Owners In Northeast

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Tropical Storm Lee Still Wreaking Havoc on Northeast

One hundred thousand people living in the Northeast have been told to evacuate their homes this week as heavy downpours of rain brought by the remains of tropical storm Lee has caused severe flooding in the region. Numerous counties in New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Connecticut are under flash flood warnings, according to the National Weather Service. The town of Binghamton New York has experienced the brunt of the storm, having received over 15 inches of rain in the past two days.

A countless number of rivers and streams throughout the region are swelling and are at their flooding points. The Susquehanna River which runs for over 400 miles from Maryland to Massachusetts is expected to crest early Friday at about forty-one feet which is roughly the height of most levee systems in place along the river. If the levees do not hold, people in the nearby areas can expect to see devastating flooding.

In New York, governor Andrew Cuomo visited some of the hardest hit areas like Johnson City and Binghamton Thursday. He told the press that his state is on the verge of a serious crisis and that federal aide is needed desperately to help protect the people of New York. Towns in central and eastern New York are struggling to cleanup and re-build after Hurricane Irene’s recent onslaught of devastation.

The National Weather Service has reported that the week’s disastrous weather is the result of some unfortunate atmospheric conditions. A storm front moving along the jet stream picked up rain from the tropical storm while at the same time other tropical storm activity in the Atlantic have stopped the front from moving – resulting in heavy rains being poured down at an inches-per-hour rate.

Lee drenched the state of Louisiana last weekend as it moved in from the Gulf. As the massive system inched its way up the east coast at a snails pace, it dropped inches of rain per hour over already rain soaked land in many states. Much of the ground simply could not and can’t absorb the water being dumped by Lee. People in Pennsylvania and New York are not looking forward to the upcoming weekend as Lee is expected to cause widespread, heartbreaking flooding in many areas. Cleanup crews working in Reading and Allentown PA have been telling residents the work could take several weeks due to the volume of calls.

The timing of Lee is unfortunate and the unusually heavy rain it is delivering is very concentrated. And, ground has was already heavily saturated before the tropical system moved in has combined to cause the not often seen level of inundation that is flooding New York and Pennsylvania.