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Compassion Is Necessary When Dealing With A Hoarding Situation For A Homeowner

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What is Hoarding? How can you help?

Discovering a property that is filled with waste, garbage and feces is often a sure signal of a deeper psychological issue and a sure sign you may be dealing with a person who is “hoarding” items, not able to make rational decisions to discard and throw things away. Hoarding creates cramped living conditions and homes filled to capacity. Many homes only have narrow pathways through the house that wind through stacks of clutter. Hoarding creates personal complications that include unsanitary living conditions, health risks. Hoarding can interfere with performing daily tasks such as bathing and cooking. Above all, the clutter is a safety and fire hazards.

Some of the common traits of individuals who hoard are the accumulation of large quantities of objects, documents, papers, or possessions beyond apparent necessity or pleasure. They struggle with parting and letting go of possessions. They may have a wide range of interests or even several uncompleted projects. A chronically disorganized person gets distracted easily and has weak time-management skills. A hoarder often makes decisions differently than a non-hoarder. People who hoard do not see these traits as a problem. That makes it hard to treat the disorder, but treatment can help people who hoard live a safer life.

The impact of hoarding can even be felt in business. Compulsive keepers have a poor sense of time, often misplace files, and are tardy or absent frequently. They struggle with instructions, have a hard time making decisions, and miss important deadlines. These problems create havoc in the workplace and reduce productivity.

Hoarding can affect anyone, regardless of age, sex, or economic status. It is hard to determine how common hoarding is, because it has only recently been studied and few people seek treatment.

Homes inhabited by hoarders can be dangerous, unhealthy, or both – and dramatic action is required to address the problem and start the hoarder on the road to recovery. Calling a Professional who is trained and certified to assist with cleanup is the best idea to help your loved one.