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Does the average time your home air conditioner last differ if you live in Texas versus Minnesota

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There is an on-going misconception that cooling systems will last longer in “cooler” rather than “warm” environments for the sole reason being that it’s being “utilized less”. That’s wrong.

According to the Energy Information Administration (EIA) around 87% of American homes are equipped with cooling systems. Cooling systems, especially newer models, are equipped to last longer than ever. But why do some cooling systems die out after 15 or 20 years, while others keep going strong? The answer: regular maintenance. According to the EIA, only 42% of people who own air conditioning systems have had their system serviced each year. Just like how your car needs regular tune-ups to keep functioning, seasonal maintenance for your cooling system keeps it operating at peak efficiency as well. A well-maintained air conditioner in Dallas, Texas can last up to twice as long as a neglected system in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Without regular maintenance, a normal unit loses about 5% of its efficiency each year. We spoke with James from AJR a company that has offices in Texas and Maryland to get some additional perspective on how the temperature fluctuations can impact how maintenance for AC systems can differ in different climates. His recommendation, “If your A.C. is running over fifty percent of any given month, there is additional strain placed on the unit, keeping these units clean and well maintained is the only way to ensure they will continue to operate at peak efficiency.”

Just like how a regularly serviced car lasts longer, runs better, and needs fewer repairs with regular maintenance, so do cooling systems. Like your car, your air conditioning unit is a complex piece of equipment with components that work optimally when operating in perfect sync with each other.

Continuing with the car scenario; what happens when you rarely get an oil change? Your car will be forced to work overtime, causing your car to run less efficiently, thereby shortening its lifespan…the same applies for cooling systems. If not serviced regularly dust and remains will accumulate on your equipment, which will hamper the overall operation, efficiency, and performance of your cooling system, all of which will shorten your unit’s lifespan.

Aside from poor maintenance shortening your cooling system’s lifespan, so will poor assembly. Improper installation of a cooling system will result in low airflow and leaking ducts. Many times, the amount of refrigerant in the system does not match the manufacturer’s specifications. If proper refrigerant charging is not performed during initial installation, the efficiency and performance of your unit will be impaired. Moral of the story— you need proper installation first.

If you want to elongate your cooling system’s lifespan, don’t neglect it. Keep up with regular maintenance, and most importantly, make sure it’s correctly installed and matches the manufacturer’s specifications.