5 Qualities You Want in a Roofing Contractor

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When it comes to hiring a roofing contractor, there are undoubtedly some qualities that you will want to look for in the person that you hire. Roofing contractors provide important services, but the level of professionalism that different contractors have can vary greatly. Therefore, it’s important to shop around and find a roof contractor that lives up to your standards and expectations.

Qualifications and permit available

If you ask to see the roofing contractors permit, they should be able to show it to you without hesitation. Roofing projects are never easy and it’s something that has to be approved and documented by the state. If the roofer wants you to arrange the permit for your home, you should probably consider another contractor.

Liability insurance

The roofing contractor that you hire absolutely must have liability insurance. This shows you that they, as well as their workers are insured incase anything happens while they are working on your roof. Someone could get injured and if they don’t you want to make sure that you are not held responsible.

Warranty available for the roof

Every roof is made to be durable and long lasting. However, we all know that rain; hail, snow, and fast winds can cause significant damage to a roof. If this happens within the first few years after construction, it’s important that there be some type of warranty to compensate you for the repairs. Warranties can help protect your finances in the event that a problem develops with the roof because of negligence from your roofing contractor.


Before you hire a roofing contractor, you should always check for references. They should have testimonials from previous clients and this type of data should be accessible without having to call or email them. It’s a good idea to only consider roofing professionals that have an online website. A website shows that they are invested into their brand and image. It also helps you compare their business with others, which is very important to securing a good deal.

Permanent place of business

It’s advisable that you find a roofing contractor that has a permanent place of business and not just hire someone that runs their business out of their home. Having a permanent place of business means that you can find them if something goes wrong and getting in touch with them throughout the progression of your roofing project will be easy.

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