Is Home Siding Replacement Necessary?

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Some homeowners utter a collective groan when terms such as Louisiana Pacific siding and Masonite siding are mentioned. Why? These are known to be problem sidings and have been associated with leaks and rotting in the past. Don’t get too comfortable if a different type was used on one’s house. As with anything, every kind of siding has its own lifespan and it’s just a matter of time before home siding replacement will need to be considered.

There are couple of reasons why siding deterioration can be sped up:

• Wet weather and high humidity can bombard siding material with a lot of moisture, the number cause of rotting.
• Homeowners need to understand that siding must be maintained. This includes doing some touch-up painting and caulking at regular intervals. It also involves ensuring that gutters are kept clean so there is no overflow of water down the side of the house.
• Some installation methods are better than others. It is best to hire a reliable contractor or else risk improperly done caulking joints, amongst other things. This can lead to leaks which remain virtually unnoticeable until it’s too late.
So is it time to consider home siding replacement? Well that depends on the state of the siding in question. It is important that it be examined closely a few times each year to ensure that any problems are caught early. This is especially important in areas where there is heavy rainfall and very cold winters. The first thing that most people notice is that the paint starts to crack and peel. This in itself isn’t necessarily a major problem and it could just mean that a new coat is needed.
If, however, there is cracking or splitting of the wood itself then it’s safer to replace the siding than just do spot repairs. This also holds for instances where the nails are starting to pop out from continued contraction and expansion of the wood. Remember that any weak spots in the siding, no matter how small, can be an entry way for moisture and once that happens one can expect anything from simple rotting to the proliferation of black mould.

One may choose to continue with the existing siding material or change to something with a longer life expectancy. Cedar is a popular choice with those who like the look of wood sidings and, if maintained properly, can last anywhere from 40 to 70 years. Some people decide to go with vinyl sidings or fiber cement but these typically last only 30 t0 50 years or so. No matter what siding material is chosen, look for a reputable professional to handle the home siding replacement. It’ll cost less in the long run.

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