Make Sure If You Have Damage From A Hurricane You Are Dealing With Reputable Contractors

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Why Insurance Companies Require Certified Water Damage Contractors

Water damage is one of the most horrific messes a homeowner will ever have to encounter. When water pours into homes it brings along contaminants that can be dangerous to the family that lives there. Whether it is the failure of a sump pump or a flash flood the effects are still devastating.

Water damage falls into three basic categories, they are

Category 1

This type of water is known as clean. It is not a threat to humans or animals. It is generally from broken pipes within the home.

Category 2

This type of water may have some chemical contaminants that can cause a person sickness if they are exposed. It is often called grey water because it can come from toilet bowls, seepage and discharged water from a dishwasher.

Category 3

This type of water is unsanitary for humans. Anyone who comes in contact with this can be seriously sick. Water know as black can come from the sewage lines, river water, or toilet back flows.

Because of the severity of dealing with water and its clean ups, Insurance companies will require a Certified Water Damage Contractor to handle the mess. The reason they want a professional is because dealing with black water, or category 3, can cause great sickness. By not ensuring this process is handled properly, the well-being of the family can be in jeopardy.

Various removal methods and actions are utilized contingent upon what category the water is. Due to the way water damages, refurbishment methods also rely comprehensively on the quantity of water, and on the length of time the water has lingered stagnant.

Most certified contractors can be found under “Fire and Water Restoration” sections in the phone book. These businesses are controlled by the applicable Department of Consumer Affairs. The state where they got their contractor’s license usually has a board that ensures protocol is being observed. Many states will require these contractors to have an asbestos certification, as well as a demolition classification to be able to handle these citations safely.

Because there are numerous contractors who have not had the specific training, they may let things like a slight discoloration on the wall or ceilings go untreated. These areas can create mold and it can quickly spread like wildfire thorough the home. Some might even think they are just age spots or normal wear and tear on a home. They can quickly become a more serious condition when family members develop difficulty breathing, sinus issues and sneezing.

Water damage can be minor or it can be the main cause of the total destruction of a property. Insurance companies want to ensure that a properly is repaired in the safest way possible. Whether it is a class 1 or a class 3 makes no difference, mold can quickly form if a job is not handled properly.

Hopefully this story sheds some light on the challenges of finding contractors. With the heart of Hurricane Season beginning now and potential for a major hurricane in Louisiana this week, property owners from the greater Lafayette area through the Baton Rouge and New Orleans markets may find themselves having to quickly qualify a contractor for cleanup assistance, costs which could run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

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