Spring Cleaning – Avoid the Pests of Spring

By admin On April 25, 2010 Under home services, maintenance

As spring approaches, it would be high time to find out if your house is prepared for it. See, along with blooming flowers and warm weather, the re-awakening of pests and insects comes as well. Do not allow such pests like lady bugs, carpenter ants and various other insects to rule over your house.

Thousands of pests emerge in the springtime looking for food and houses are the perfect place for them to find this required nourishment. Carpenter ants are most commonly found around the kitchen feeding on household staples like sugar, pet food, meat and honey. Therefore, keeping counters and cupboards clean and making sure crumbs are all picked up would aid in deterring these invading springtime pests.

Spring cleaning would also be the ideal way to get rid of insects that may have overwintered inside your house. Make sure you vacuum up any box elder bugs, lady bugs and dead insects that might be lying around. Wipe cobwebs away, too, so spiders will not re-nest and take the time out to check around window and door frames for openings that might attract even newer populations of insects. After all, a proactive approach in keeping the pests out of the house would be a more affordable and better method than trying to eliminate them after they infest your home.

A lot of insects tend to get attracted to locations with excessive moisture. Therefore, fixing any leaking plumbing or pipes and checking appliances for activity of pests would be the perfect way to avoid infestations. The more damaging pests such as termites and carpenter ants get attracted to wet wood, so they usually infest bathrooms and kitchens where such conditions can be found.

Inspecting the interior of your house would be another method of protecting it during the springtime. Take time off to walk around the outside of your house to check for cracks where some weakness might let pests come in. Also, watch out for nests in the eaves, under the deck or anywhere else outside. Get rid of any rotten or dead wood, as well, and trim the shrubs and trees to prevent insects from breeding.

Never let pests in the springtime catch you unaware. Make sure you protect your overall property from such nuisances before a real problem actually occurs. With these basic proactive suggestions, you could be a great help at deterring these insects and help everybody else in your home enjoy the new season.

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