Steps To Help Safeguard Your Property Ahead Of Hurricane Sandys Arrival

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How to Protect Your Property from Tropical Storms, Hurricanes

When a storm is reported to be heading the coastline, people react to protect their homes. From the time the storm has been detected to the time the clock is announced, this is the most critical moment to make any preparation in protecting your family and the home. If a home is put in danger of being invaded by the storm, the common thing you need to do is to protect windows and sliding glass doors.

Often, people try to tape up windows but this may not be a solution. Taping only helps keep the glass from flying but it may not be able to protect it from breaking when it is hit by the high speed wind. As a rule of thumb, when a wind storm approaches your area, it is best that you stay in a room with windows that cannot be broken.

It is recommended that you fit your home with heavy plywood or metal shutters. It requires time in order to fit the materials and therefore, you have to make use of your time properly to ensure that you are not caught unprepared. It is essential that you have a ¾ inch plywood and drill screw holes 18 inches apart all around the plywood to make it ready for fixing.

In order to save time, you can number or letter the plywood covers so that they are easily identifiable. This will ensure that when you begin fixing them, it does not take a lot of time. You should store the mounting screws or lag bolts with the covers in an easily accessible place. The reason why it is important to protect your windows is because when they are broken, the wind gets inside and this has effects on your home.

When wind enters the home, it wrecks the interior and also acts on your roof upward. Most houses are ripped off their roofs because the wind creates pressure on the roof when it enters the house. The upward pressure can sent your roof flying and this leads to collapse of the walls of the house.

Before a storm reaches your location, there are certain things which you should do;

• You should remove any weak and dead trees and limbs of trees that are around your property.
• If your home is in a zone which has been mapped as a storm surge zone, then you have to evacuate the location.
• You should know the time when you will evacuate and where you will head to, as well as prepare a survival or evacuation kit with non perishable food, water and first aid kit.
• You need to have a battery-power radio or television where you can keep up with the latest information being

In essence, when a storm is reported, you should learn the particular risks that are posed by the hurricane in your area. You can contact the local emergency management office. You should also make a record of your personal property with an itemized list of your clothing, furniture, valuables and other properties as this helps adjusters is allocating the insurance claims amounts if damages are incurred. In addition, you should protect your insurance policy and other documents in a safe box or watertight box or through an online document back up.

Should your property become damaged it is recomended to hire a professional repair and cleanup firm, to assist with services such as water removal, roof tarps, basement drying and more.

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